ReadRush is a mobile application based on the concept of subcompact publishing. We provide intelligible summaries of books that can be read under 25 minutes.

Arguably we compress a book up to 25 times its original size, trying our best to keep its quintessence intact. Chapter-wise compression of the book will produce an eclectic mix of knowledge and enjoyment giving our readers a most delightful reading experience—an interest that they have always wished to pursue. In this ever-expanding digital age where people have easy access to mobile technologies like smart phones and tablets, the summarized versions of books which we refer to as "rushes" will be constructively made available to everyone falling under the following categories. Let’s have a look at each of these categories separately.

1) People with limited time but with an interest in reading. These are the people who wish to read good books, but are bound by the busy schedules of their lives. They simply cannot afford to dedicate the time required to finish a book from cover to cover. E.g. Executives and working class people.

2) Impatient and people with limited attention span. These are the people who have always wanted to read books, having seen them either in hands of their friends or at display in a bookstore, but have never been able to actually read them. Even if they buy these books, seldom do they read it completely, thanks to the intimidating size! E.g. school and college students.

3) People with limited sources. Either monetarily or due to the non-availability of books. Internet has penetrated almost every corner of India and smartphones can now be found everywhere. Also, the rushes that we provide are absolutely free.

4) Effective revision tool. Anyone wanting to recapitulate the important points learnt in a book which he previously read.